4 Health Benefits of a Comfortable Mattress

Many consider the mattress to be the most important part of a home. It dictates how positively or negatively you react to your day. A bad night’s sleep greatly affects your productivity and mood. A comfortable mattress has many health benefits.

Reduces Allergies

An old mattress absorbs dust and dirt that leads to allergies. Your constant runny nose, coughing, and itchy eyes could be a result of your damaged mattress. Extremely old mattresses with lots of spills also contain bacteria that could be hurting your immune system.

A new mattress lessens the chances of your allergies getting worse. In fact, a new mattress might make your whole home feel less congested and dust filled.

Lessens Body Aches

A bad mattress often causes chronic back, neck, hips, and shoulder pains, especially after an intense workout. A long night’s rest helps your body recuperate from extreme activity. A good mattress lets your body regenerate and recover better.

Aim to find a bed that’s form fitting or adjustable. Achieve a perfect night sleep with a mattress that curves and contours  to your current body.

Improves Memory

A bad mattress leads to less sleep, which alters productivity, moods, and memory. The less you sleep, the harder it is for your mind to retain new facts. A better night’s sleep leads to you remembering facts better

Boosts Mood

We know that less sleep can affect your mood, but besides that, the idea of buying a new mattress creates a positive experience. It signals the start of something new.

The purchase of a new mattress can create excitement because you’re not only buying something that will greatly impact your sleep habits, but you get to worry about the small things, such as which coupons to use to get a new bedding set, and should you purchase new pillows to go along with the new bed.

For a minute, you get to leave other pressing worries behind and just focus on the future of your sleeping habits. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

A few signs that you might need a new mattress:

  • It is older than 7 years
  • It squeaks or creaks
  • it has an imprint from your body
  • Not enough room to share with a partner
  • The mattress sags
  • It just doesn’t feel comfortable
  • It has bed bugs
  • Too many stains that don’t come out
  • You’re not happy with it during a trial period